On 5/15/2010, we had a very successful 12th HX Track and Field day, it was sunshine and warm.


We thank Volunteers Honghong Li, Linda Li, Judy Huang, Yanping Xing, Qiang Chang, Bing Chu, Kelly Liu and Yongmei Lu who came in as earlier as 8:30am to setup tent, flag, tables, chairs and food, who had a busy morning check-in all our athletes, who drove a long way to purchase lunch, and who distributed lunch.


We thank Volunteers Hanlin Wang, Ken Fong, Yanfang Ying, Qiang Ding, Shaoping Xie, Xiaohua Zhao, Wenwei Tang, Hao Wang, Lucille Niu, Wei Song, Rachel Ying, Cindy Zhang and Kevin Cheng; you were great referees, so well organized.


There are many others who helped throughout the game; sorry we cant name them all.


Below are some pictures, enjoy!



Our tent, distributing T shirts


Opening ceremony


Some of our referees who helped HXHQ


Some of our athletes



Our tug O'War team and Closing ceremony