Dear Betty,


Right now its a whole package with all three. Since the tuition is extremely low while the teachers are among the best, we heard some students skip math class.


If we have many students for SAT writing only we may find some solution for this. We need enough students to cover the highly paid top-notch instructors.








Dear Principal,
For the SAT-1, is it math, reading and writing?  For most Chinese kids, they are very good at math and they don't need the math section.  Like my son, he does not want to sit there for math section since he can teach SAT math already. I want to find the SAT writing class, but in HXEB, there is no SAT writing class.  There is a English Reading & Writing class, but it is not for SAT level, it is for 8 years old kids.  Is it possible to have SAT writing class?
Thank you very much for your attention!